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Question: Can Muscle Testing Done By An Herbalist Tell What You Body Needs?

I have been going to an herbalist who has done muscle testing on me prior to seeing what my "body needs". Is this legitimate, e.g. asking questions and trying to pull your fingers apart to get the answer? Also, are Nature's Sunshine supplements really superior to other over the counter supplements?

Karen D.

Answer #1


I have some knowledge of Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP) and other herb companies too. You are not the only one who has questioned the superiority of their products. The difference between NSP and other health store products is in the quality assurance testing they do on each and every batch of herb that comes into their company. Because herbs are considered a food, there is no FDA requirements. Even so, the founder's of NSP want to remain integrity-filled and they have spent millions of dollars on equipment to test the quality of their products. Most company's don't want to spend their profit to test if their products are quality or not.

Nature's Sunshine at one time received a shipment of what was supposed to be an herb called Pau d' Arco. They ran it through their equipment and found that it was really a shipment of cocoa. They immediately shipped the whole batch back. Nature's Sunshine was not the only herb company that this supplier had sent this batch to. I do not know if any other herb companies recognized this or not, or if any of them sent it back or not.

The point I'm making is that NSP goes out of its way to maintain the quality of its product. As far as muscle testing goes, I was skeptical myself, but have found that it has been more successful in diagnosing some of my health conditions than medical doctors and their test have been. Have the herbalist explain to you how it works and teach you how to try it at home to see if you think it really works.

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