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Question: How Do The New Herbal Breast Enhancement Products Actually Work?

Now that several companies are marketing their non-surgical breast enhancement products in the United States, are any of them approved by the FDA? How exactly do these herbs enhance the size of a woman's breasts and what are the known side effects of using these types of products?

Answer #1

I can't comment on FDA-approved herbal breast-enhancement products or how they supposedly work, but I can offer my experience with a product called Woman's Accent, formulated and distributed by Danco Health Products. They claim it is a "formula for hormone balancing and glandular rejuvenation" and boast of its ability to increase breast size and firmness and relieve a variety of female complaints. I've been taking the product for four months now and, while I noted a very slight increase in the fullness of my breasts, I can report no gains in breast size comparable to the manufacturer's claims (i.e., those that purport the product to be an effective alternative to cosmetic surgery, push-up bras, etc.).

However, one miraculous thing happened concerning my menstrual cycle -- I now have one. Really, since its inception, my period was frighteningly heavy and so sporadic that sometimes I'd menstruate for three weeks straight (which perhaps led to an iron deficiency) and other times I'd not menstruate for four to six months. I noted marked improvement during the first two months of using Woman's Accent: my periods started moderately heavy in flow, slowly decreasing over about eight days. Yet it was during the third and fourth months that I finally experienced for the first time what I would call more normal periods -- right on time (almost to the day!), light in flow, and completely finished in three to four days.

So, while I'm jumping for joy that at least one of the manufacturer's claims held true, I seriously doubt the effectiveness of any herbal product (or any oral treatment for that matter) in increasing the size and/or firmness of one's breasts.

Hope this helps someone out there,

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