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Consumer Review: The People Who Write To This Site Blame Supplements For Every Little Problem They Have.

I just happened upon your site while doing some research on the web about various supplements. One of the things I really look for on the web is real life stories instead of company pushed testimonials. However your website has to be the most anti-supplement website I've ever read and I've read more fitness websites than I would like to admit to. I was dumbfounded by the amount of completely ludicrous claims, stories, and experiences on your site.

These people shouldn't be anywhere near the world of fitness, they should be movie writers because they are certainly creative. According to the vast number of your "readers" Creatine makes you lose your kidneys, half heart problems, and my favorite, get the gout. The gout for crying out loud! Oh yes it doesn't stop there. Weight loss supplements cause massive strokes, vision loss, and itching according to your readers. Itching? Hmmm... They even have bad things to say about St. Johns Wart.

What really gets me is you have a hyperlink to Netrition on your site which carries everything listed above and beyond. So I'm confused, you allow posts that are totally off base then plug a website where you can buy all these "killer" things? I guess everyone just needs a shock, needs some drama, because obviously they don't have anything better to do than post mock horror stories about every supplement in the world on your site. Like so many other articles, stories, etc... I wonder how much of the story we're not getting when someone says they had a heart attack thanks to a supplement. Who knows, maybe I'll stop back by your site sometime only to find that someone spontaneously combusted after taking there Multi Vitamin.

Response #1

Well, it is better for people to realize that anything in pill form could have potential side effects. Unless we are scientists, none of us can say for sure what causes what. Even the scientists don't know everything. If someone's wife has had no previous health problems, starts taking a supplement, and then dies, chances are that he will begin to question the supplement.

St. John's Wort, not wart, by the way.

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