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Consumer Review: I'm A Professional Athletic Consultant, And I Think Too Many People Are Using Supplements For The Wrong Reasons.

I happened to come across this site and saw some very opinionated reviews concerning the use of Creatine as a dietary aid. As a professional, it is very important to educate the public to the potential benefits and possible side effects for any particular supplement. This is especially true since most if not all dietary supplements have yet to be regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Furthermore, as a consultant to many athletes, you have to way the pros and cons of taking particular supplements. For example (and this may be harsh), if an athlete (a true athlete, not a weekend warrior) is consistently finishing in 3rd or 4th, he/she may want to seek an ergogenic method to put them up on top. The method of choice today is through nutritional supplementation. For these athletes, nutritional aids could be the difference between 3rd place and 1st place. In a very different example, concerning diseased populations, nutritional supplementation may provide a means to combat nutritional deficiencies. In this case, supplementation is warranted to help the diseased patient overcome an illness.

However, I am strongly opposed to recommending nutritional supplementation just for the sake of taking them without just purpose. This is also a financial decision. If you are currently spending $20/month for a particular supplement, that ends up becoming $240/year. In looking at the financial aspect of supplementation, one has to look at the long term investment and ask themselves if this supplement is worth taking. What will I gain from taking this supplement? If the answer is first place in next year's weight lifting championship that comes with a $10,000 prize, the answer may well be yes. However, if the answer is another day looking at yourself in the mirror at a health club with absolutely no purpose, then no, it may not be a good investment.

In conclusion, prioritize your goals and educate yourself with concerns to the many dietary supplements on the market.

Response #1

I agree with the professional athletic consultant. I am a serious, competitive college athlete and have researched taking supplements. There is a reason why many supplements are not approved by the FDA and there are also the right and wrong reasons to risk your health to take them. Even if you are going to win a $10,000 body building contest - is that worth the risk? My coaches are against me taking any type of supplements, but I have been weight training for 6 years and I am beginning to see myself hitting a plateau. The reason why I want to take supplements is to gain muscle faster so that I can be stronger quicker, to improve my performance.

It is difficult to find something that you know is completely safe to take. If anyone knows of anything that is natural or any suggestions for me on how to increase my muscle mass quicker...please post it here.

Response #2

So what you are saying is that unless you are extremely into lifting and are going to compete, then you shouldn't take supplements. Okay, valid point. But then also shouldn't it be that if you aren't going to compete, then you also should not join a gym. Look they cost close to $200 or more to join and then an additional $10-20 per month. Well, why doesn't everyone save this money and just go jog down the street, do some push-ups, sit-ups, and spend $50 on a pair of dumbbells and weights since this will work your entire body enough to enjoy a long healthy life (with the proper diet of course).

I say work out, eat right, supplement with whatever wonder drug or placebo you like (of course watch out for side effects), and blow your money however you want! Who really cares if I want to spend $240 a year in order to do another rep in the gym or to come in first instead of 2nd. No matter what, I will feel better about myself and that is one less person walking around on antidepressant meds (witch may also have harmful side effects).

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