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Consumer Review: They Key To Success With Any Supplement Is To Cycle It Properly.

First, by no means is fitness straight across the board for everyone. Their are the basics like lifting, diet, and aerobic exercise. But every supplement is going to work different for every person. The only supplement that should be taken all year, every day is whey protein. I suggest Designer brand. Other than that, anything like creatine or Xenadrine should be taken NO longer than four weeks and then wait four more weeks before taking it again. I always found that at the end of four weeks of taking a specific supplement I wasn't seeing results anymore because my body had started to adjust to that supplement.

As far as losing weight, the ultimate goal of weight loss for the weightlifter is getting ripped, and unless you have good genetics, this is a long and intense battle. Xenadrine will help, but a few weeks on it will not get you there. Most professional bodybuilders start dieting 8 to 12 weeks before a competition. I highly recommend taking these supplements to help, but expect only minimal results.

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