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Question: Is There Any Way One Who Is Just Getting Interested In Supplements Can Find Out Who Makes The Best Product For The Money Without Selling Them On A Multilevel Network?

There are many companies out there claiming to have the best supplements, many very expensive. Is there anyway one who is just getting interested in supplements can find out who makes the best product for the money without selling them on a multilevel network?

Answer #1

There are a number of magazines on line that can give you straight info. Contact the Personal Trainers in your area for good advise. Also, order a few products from the company and ask for test reports. Your best index would be the web.

If your in this for the money, multilevel marketing is the way. If your in this for the products, most places allow you to join at a fee which will give you a discount. Your question is a little broad.

Answer #2

Multi-level marketing provides a way to market products with a much lower marketing cost than the traditional TV, radio, magazine approach. If you are actually looking for the best product, why do you care how they are marketed? Isn't your goal to get the best available product at that best price or is there another goal that I missed in the question?

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