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Consumer Review: When I Started A Very High Protein, Average Carbs, Low Fat Diet And Really Controlling My Breathing, I Noticed A Lot Of Progression.

In response to all the comments, both positive and negative, to supplements, it may be interesting to take a look at a serious investigation into the use of these supplements (although it is from more than a year ago). Take a look at: and to demonstrate that the FDA isn't as easy with these supplements as everyone thinks,

On the other and, I do agree that the use of ANY supplement, if it hasn't been seriously tested for many YEARS (talking about lifetime usage here) is potentially dangerous. In my opinion, a lot of this stuff is more psychological than physiological. When I started more carefully controlling my diet (very high protein, average carbs and low fat) and really controlling my breathing (this is perhaps one of the most crucial overlooked elements) I noticed a lot of progression. I am realistic in the sense that I expect to achieve my goals in about 4 years. People who want to change within months set unrealistic goals, get disappointed, and resort to drugs/supplements without thinking about the consequences.

That also points to more of a psychological problem than anything else. Believe in yourself, do a positive work-out (have fun), watch your diet, enjoy life and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve in a few years without the use of any supplements.

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