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Question: Is The BowFlex Home Gym Worth The Money?

I am wondering if the BowFlex home gym is worth the money. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


Response #1

I purchased the Bowflex and found that the range of motion isn't that great. I have an old TOTAL GYM and I feel it outperforms the Bowflex. If you can get your hands on one of the old models from the 80's, you'll find that the workout is far superior. Don't get the new model of the Total Gym because the system is narrower and it doesn't get the full leverage you need.

Response #2

Everyone says the Bowflex is worth the money. It isn't. A couple of my friends (all different sizes and weights) used it and there were absolutely no results in the first 12-14 weeks! Free weights are the best way to go, and the least cost consuming on your check book!

Response #3

The Bowflex guarantees results in 6 weeks--an impossibility since results are based on body type, diet and genetic tendency for muscularity. Steer clear of any fitness company making such claims about their fitness machine!

Response #4

I don't agree that the BowFlex is a waste of time or money. People who cannot build muscle mass with a BowFlex are either stupid or don't know how to lift weights properly. I saw good results in 6 weeks, and even better results in 3 months. Of course, I was working my butt off in the process. I still use it to this day. I highly recommend one...the best money I ever spent. I work my muscles out to exhaustion and I have seen the gains.

The commercials you see are no bull. I was skeptical at first, too. The BowFlex will not do the work for you....only you can do that. It will, however, provide you with every exercise you could ever want to do to get in shape and build muscle. I recommend the leg extension and lateral pulldown extension highly. I will never go back to free weights....ever.

This machine is worth the money if you feel your body is an investment and want to work out at home as opposed to the gym. I love this product and know of others who love to work out on it too. It is what you do with it and how you use it that is the key. Don't blame the machine if you're not seeing the benefits...blame yourself.

Response #5

I have had a BowFlex for 6 months. I have been very happy with the results and I highly recommend it.

Response #6

Ignore responses that go like: "I had a Bowflex (or so & so had one) and it didn't work...or free weights are the only way to go. That's all BS - I have free weights, Bowflex and a Soloflex. The bottom line is if you want to build muscle you:

- Work your ass off and follow a good program with correct form
- Follow a good diet program & get enough protein & carbs
- Remember your intensity is really what matters.

The Bowflex works just fine and mimics a cable machine (and blows away the Soloflex). If you're ready to make the mental/physical commitment, then most equipment decisions you make will get the job done.

Response #7

I've had a BowFlex machine for about three months now and I couldn't be happier. It's helped me bring my bench from 225lbs to 275lbs. The reason being is that you do have to use those stabilizer muscles, and I think that is what helped me. Now, I still use free weights, but this machine is a good supplement to my usual workouts.

Response #8

To all those people who say that the Bowflex isn't what it claims to be, or whatever...I don't think they are right about that. I don't even think that it's fair to the BowFlex because it's a great machine...and you have heard that a lot. I've had mine for 5 months and I didn't even have a diet. I worked out for about 2 to 3 days a week and I'm getting in the best shape ever. Imagine if I do it 5 days a week plus the diet.

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