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Question: Which Machine Is Best for Building Abdominal And Lower Back Strength?

I've searched the internet trying to find a review on the Ab-Doer and have been unsuccessful. If anyone could advise me on which ab machine works the best for losing inches and building abdominal and lower back strength, I would appreciate it.

Answer #1

I was interested in ab equipment also, and saw a commercial for the Ab Dolly. I went online to research and was astonished at the price (around $150 for 2). Someone suggested buying a plant dolly at Home Depot. This is a round, flat piece of wood with wheel casters on the bottom. I watched the commercial again for the Ab Dolly. Only use it for 3 minutes a day, otherwise you will be too sore the next day. Watching the commercial (it's on all the time especially late at night with Vendela and Scott Hamilton) shows you the proper form. It really works your triceps, abs, lower back and even quads.

Answer #2

If you want to try any of those ab machines that roll, like the Torso Track or Torso Tiger, believe me, the principle certainly gives you the burn quick enough. But don't bother buying a machine. A dumbbell or Swiss ball can be just as effective. I use a dumbbell, but because my abs aren't yet strong, I need assistance to help get back up. I loop a deflated bike tube around the dumbbell then step though it and pull it up to my knees. This idea is worth a try as it doesn't cost much and gets great results.

I would appreciate any further additions to this page from your own experiences as I am also interested in this area of training.

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