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Question: How Does Soloflex Compare To Other Home Weight Machines?

Anyone KNOWLEDGEABLE have any insight as to where the Soloflex ranks among home weight machines?

Answer #1

The Soloflex Muscle Machine is a versatile, single station weight training unit. It's well-constructed and sturdy and I was impressed with this machine from day one. Soloflex uses weight straps (rubber bands) for resistance, but don't be deceived by this. Those bands provide smooth, positive/negative resistance on all of the exercises. Change-overs take no time (i.e. attaching the butterfly unit) so the cardio benefit isn't lost.

At little more than 6', the Soloflex will fit well into most rooms. Priced at $1195 ($125 shipping), I found the machine to be more expensive than weight systems such as Parabody and Tuff Stuff. However, if space is a major factor (as in my case), I would go with the Soloflex. This company has a 20 year history of producing quality systems.

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