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Question: Does Anyone Have Instructions For Assembling A Weider Cross Training Master Weight Machine?

I have a Weider Cross Training Master weight machine and I was needing the instructions on how to put it together. Thank you.

Answer #1

I too am in need of those instructions. This thing is just in a massive pile and is impossible to put together. Though, if it helps any, I was told to go back to the store where it was bought and they usually have instructions along with the warranty stuff thrown somewhere in a file cabinet in the back. Check especially K-mart, who carries Weider equipment. You could even try writing to the company if you could find the darn address of even the website, which I can't. And I've really had no luck checking in K-mart, but if someone falls upon them please let us know how to get them.

Answer #2

Go to and e-mail the company for instructions.

Answer #3

If you will go to and click on "customer service", you will find their telephone number, or you can e-mail them from that web site.

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