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Question: I May Buy The Nitroflex Strength Trainer By Fitnessquest, But I'd Like To Hear Some Opinions.

I'm considering purchasing the Nitroflex Strength Trainer made by Fitnessquest Inc. Anyone who has experience with this machine feel free to post here. I'd like to know your impressions.

Answer #1

Hi! I've never tried the Nitroflex, but I did see it advertised on the shopping channel here in Canada. The price seemed excellent at $219.00 Canadian!

Good Luck,

Answer #2

The Nitroflex is great. At $99 plus $45 shipping, it's a steal. I finally felt OK with replacing my free weights with the Nitroflex. If you lift less than 250 pounds, this machine is for you. It lets you lift your max weight and reps in perfect safety with no spotter needed. Go for it.

Answer #3

Buy it! I found it for $99 USD plus shipping. Mine arrived in 7 days. Easy to assemble (they even provide the wrenches). Instructions clear.

Machine is very useable. The video provides several 'routines' to consider - not bad. The video is better used to study technique for the exercises.

With lifting capacity of 250lbs and push capacity of 200lbs, I'll not reach the limits for quite a while.

I use my Nitroflex in conjunction with an aerobic warm-up using a treadmill and (old) cardio glider/rider. Very effective combination for weight loss, control and muscle toning.

Answer #4

I just got my Nitroflex. GREAT! I'll be using it in conjunction with a treadmill, etc. Assembly instructions are clear, easy. Machine is quiet, easy and fast to adjust. Number of exercises in manual = 40. Shop around. Mine was $99 + shipping, which is the best price (I saw it at some sites as much as $699!).

Do it. NOW.

Answer #5

I bought one of these about 6 months ago when they first dropped to $99. Let me tell you, I have never been so impressed by a product. The motions are smooth and you don't need a spotter, so let the intense lifting begin.

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