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Question: Can Someone Who Has Actually Used A Soloflex Machine Give Us Their Honest Opinion About It?

Help! After reading a plethora of alleged reviews on the Soloflex, I still have not found a suitable answer. Many of these articles are contradictory in their content. Can someone (who used this machine) provide an impartial consumer review or comment about the Soloflex? Are those weight straps truly difficult to change between exercises?

Many thanks.

Answer #1

OK - There is a lot of "crap" out there that is biased and uninformed. I have a Soloflex, Bowflex, and an outstanding free weight set (bench/dumbbells/sectorized lat pull/low row/etc.) and actually use them ALL.

Quick breakdown: Soloflex - solid machine/relatively easy to switch bands (women will complain though) - can actually use free weights on it as well (I have and it works fine for many apps)! Problems: limited motion on squat and arm exercises (use dumbbells instead) - fixed bar doesn't let your "assistant muscles" get involved for balance/etc.

Bowflex - outstanding machine/EXTREMELY easy to switch exercises. I have a Powerpro with ALL attachments. I am impressed with almost everything other than: the squat is a joke (almost as bad as the Soloflex squat), the lat pull needs improvement (not bad overall). The Bowflex is really nothing more than a modified cable machine using rods instead of weights. It feels almost identical to a cable machine and really forces you to balance and use your assistant muscles like a cable machine. You're much more likely to gain muscle mass with a Bowflex and you can easily perform multi-joint exercises (instead of single-joint like in most Soloflex exercises).

You are more likely to find satisfaction in free weights (for mass building) or a Bowlflex (if you're limited on room and budget). Remember, the plate heads will try to convince you a simple bench and say that dumbbells will replace a Bowflex and be cheaper - that's bull. Quality benches cost money and weights add up quick - my free weights cost way more than a Bowflex. Whatever you do, don't half-ass it or you'll get what you paid for!

Answer #2

After my knee surgery, my physical therapist had me working out on a Soloflex 3 times a week. I can say the unit worked very well and was easy to change from one setting to another quickly. I'm looking for a used one, so I don't pay a premium for one.

Answer #3

I have had a Soloflex sitting in my basement for approximately 2 years now. The bands are not that difficult to change out, but reconfiguring the damn thing almost doubles the time necessary to get my workout done. I am moving shortly, and plan to go back to the good old free weights and a good quality bench. The other gripe I have with the Soloflex is that it is near worthless for any motion that leaves a single plane (curls, etc.) as the pivot point is stationary. Then again, no spotter required for squats and the bench is OK.

Answer #4

The principle feature of the Soloflex (for me, at least) is its compactness. It fits in a 4x4 corner of the room without the leg extension, which adds a couple of feet to the front when it's assembled on the machine. The big drawback to this system is the rubber weight straps. The idea is OK, but the execution in terms of quality control of the straps themselves is terrible. They fail from fatigue in a relatively short time (a few months of every-other-day usage) and new ones can't be mixed with used ones very easily because of the reduction in tension with usage (before they fail). Soloflex seems to look at the straps the way Gillette looks at razor blades. The replacement cost is outrageous (about $.50 per lb) and you can only get them from Soloflex. Also - the machine itself is a simple design and fairly indestructible - don't buy a new one. One other drawback is with the butterfly attachment - it can do some damage if you don't get it hung correctly before securing it to the upright.

Answer #5

The Soloflex really works. It takes some of the soreness out, but you still gain the muscle you want.

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