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Question: Does Anyone Know Where To Buy A Replacement Tire For A Pro Tech Sports Exercise Bike?

I bought a recumbent exercise bike some time ago. It was from Pro Tech Sports, Inc. This is a chain driven bike with three gear selections. The tension is derived from the solid tire that is on the outside of the wheel and presses down on a rotating cylinder. The higher the gear selection the harder the tire presses down. The seating chair is one that has you sitting with your legs up and almost parallel with your lower chest. It is a very lower back friendly bike to work out on. What I am looking for is a place where I can purchase a replacement rubber tire for the one I have worn out. Can you help me? Thank you for any help you can give me.

Don E.

Answer #1

Hi Don,

I called a very nice young lady (Cathy I think her name was) at ACE Fitness in Oceanside, California (a contact my wife found). Her bike repair technician said that Pro Tech Sports has gone out of business and parts for this recumbent exercise bike are no longer available. I needed a speedometer and tire. She did offer that her technician's parents had a PTS Turbo 1000 and he did a tire repair by buying hose (black rubber cylindrical tubing) from hardware store or possibly Home Depot or similar place, and made his own tire. The tire is hollow and I would put a cylindrical wooden dowel plug (about 2 inches each side of the seem) in the juncture and use something like black plastic electrical tape (stretched tight) to cover the seem. Good luck with your efforts.


Answer #2

Hi Don,

We bought a PTS (Pro Tech Sports) Turbo 1000 recumbent exercise bicycle about 10 years ago. The speedometer died after about 2 years and the tire is coming apart at the seam. I have used black electrical tape as a temporary patch. We have been looking for some time, but not vigorously, to find replacement parts. I have just started today to try harder and check on the web.

Our bike has a sticker on the back side of the seat backrest with the following:

ProTech Sports Inc.
5181 Argosy Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649 CA
800-423-6382 US

Good luck & let me know if you get a good contact,
Tom T.

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