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Consumer Review: The ParaBody ProSystem Is Compact And Sturdy And Includes Pleny Of Equipment.

I've recently purchased the ParaBody ProSystem and find it to be a good all- around system. Not only is it compact and sturdy, it includes the following equipment: Incline/decline bench, leg extension/curl, pec deck, arm curl, low row, lat pull down, and smart rack for squats. The lat pull down bar can also be used as for chin-ups. No complaints at all on this system.

Response #1

I have had the ParaBody 425 with leg extension for 4 years. I have been doing crunches with 50 lbs. The only place to place your lower back is against the metal frame and now I am experiencing pain in that area, probably from a pinched nerve. The cords in the weights tend to get frayed and then the weights hang up on return. I have a new cord kit from the manufacturer to install. I am looking for foam padding or some solution to the crunches.

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