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Consumer Review: Free Weights Are Better Than Any Expensive Machine If You Want To Build Muscle Or Lose Fat.

To all who are looking for equipment to purchase which will help them to become stronger and more muscular or even to lose body fat, the best piece of equipment I can suggest is a weight bench with a leg extension.

Free weights are made for the individual. Regardless of your height, weight, or any other factors, free weights can be used by everyone. Using free weights will allow you to learn proper form and build strength. Machines take away the natural movements that allow you to strengthen other muscles. Free weights are the natural choice for anyone looking for equipment that will get them into shape.

The machines are good for the experienced weight trainer who is looking to chisel or add finishing touches. But, those experienced hard bodies used free weights to get where they are today. Home gyms should not consist of something that can be folded away and stored under a bed or in a closet. The equipment you purchase for fitness is something that you will need to use at least 3 days a week and therefore should be considered furniture in whatever room you choose to distinguish with it's presence.

I have been using free weights for 7 months now. I have tried rowing machines and bikes and whatever the newest commercial was selling and have found that my weight bench is the first piece of equipment that I have stayed with for over a month. It cannot be hidden. It does, however, fold up but not so that it can be put away. It stays out in plain view in my basement and I only clean up the weights (which are usually strewn around it) when I am expecting company. And, by the way, I find it easier to work out as I am cleaning up the weights and the bench.

So save yourself the trouble of looking into expensive equipment. A weight bench and some weights should be your first purchase.

Response #1

Well, you're about the 4th person who has promoted the idea of going with the much more flexible, versatile bench/dumbbell approach. Thanks. Now, I have a further question regarding the quality of benches. As I'm sure you know, they range in price from about $60 to $250 for a simple incline/decline bench. Accessories sold separately. They appear to be a "you get what you pay for" as the cheap ones really look shoddy. However, if one is simply sitting in the things, are there stability issues, breakage issues to be concerned with and is it worth paying $250 up front for say a Tuff Stuff or Schwinn bench?

Response #2

Hi, I couldn't agree more with your article. My 15 year old skateboarder just purchased a weight bench. I'm going to work out there too. Good article.

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