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Consumer Review: After Extensive Research, I Have Decided On Soloflex Instead Of Bowflex.

Having considered the Bowflex, I did some in-depth investigating on this machine. The feedback I get from people is similar to the Total Gym users--it looks like fun on the infomercials, but in reality is a pain to use. I would recommend considering the Soloflex Muscle Machine. The cost is lower and this company has a 20 year history. Bowflex was sued by this company for copycat usage of their marketing strategies, so what does that say about Bowflex?

Response #1

I investigated both machines and have decided to go with Soloflex also. I'm looking to put on mass and my wife is looking to tone. Soloflex seems more versatile in this area. Bowflex comes with 210 pounds of resistance, though you can add more, but you will have to pay extra. Soloflex comes with 410 pounds of resistance. Also, for someone like my wife, 10 pound increments are too much. There is no way for her to slowly increase her strength. Soloflex allows free weights to be added so the poundage can be increased as needed. Increasing resistance by only 1 or 2 pounds is then possible.

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