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Consumer Review: I Bought A Used Soloflex For $200 And It Is A Piece Of Junk.

I have a Soloflex, which fortunately I purchased used for $200. It is a piece of junk. I hate the way the resistance feels and it is difficult to do some exercises on.

Response #1

You got what you paid for! Are you shocked? Now go join a gym!

Response #2

The Soloflex works. It helped me out, so you must have bought a fake Soloflex.

Response #3

I had a used Soloflex as well and wasn't very satisfied with it. The rubber bands didn't give me the same "pumped" feeling as free weights would, and I felt it was more difficult to go to failure. I also usually didn't get sore from workouts, so I knew I wasn't getting a full workout.

Response #4

I bought a used Soloflex 10 years ago for $200. The next day I ordered a set of new bands and the butterfly attachment, and have used it ever since. Spend the time to get familiar with the machine and you are going to like it.

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