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Consumer Review: Power Blocks Are A Great Alternative To Regular Dumbbells And They Take Up A Fraction Of The Space.

Power Blocks are by far the best equipment I have ever had in my 10 years of bodybuilding. The dumbbells are quick and easy and great for strip and torture sets. Really awesome for shocking your body and it takes up 2 feet of space instead of my old system of like 30 feet of dumbbells.


Response #1

Who manufactures the POWER BLOCK dumbbells?

Response #1 to Response #1

The blocks are made by Intelibell. I also think they are the greatest weights I have ever used.

Response #2

Good concept but is the set durable? Can they sustain a (small) drop to a rubber mat when training to failure? If not, you'd have to spring for the more expensive aluminum option.

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