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Consumer Review: I Found The Total Gym In A Catalog For $600 Less Than They Charge In Their Infomercial.

Recently I saw an infomercial on the Total Gym endorsed by Chuck Norris. I called the number to get a price. The operator told me $1299.00. I thought that was too high. She says she happens to have one for $799.00, so I thought I'd try it. I ordered it on a Friday morning. Then, I happened to be looking through a Fingerhut catalog and saw the exact same machine for $200.00. I called the operator back and tried to cancel my order. They tell me it's in "processing" and cannot be canceled. I will refuse it when it's delivered, but will probably have to pay shipping, but at least I won't be paying the $800.00. Lesson learned about ordering from infomercials and I will definitely not by a "Total Gym" from anywhere.

Response #1

Just make sure it is the same model. JC Penney offers a very basic model in their catalog that is not the same. I just ordered the 2000 series for $400.00. It is a reconditioned model from the website with a 90 day warranty.

Good Luck!

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