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Training Question: Do Electric Muscle Stimulators Really Work?

I have recently bought a set of electronic body building pads, and introduced them into my workout program. They send electronic impulses into your muscles causing them to tense, and contract. I use it for definition after a weights workout, mainly on my chest and abs. I would like to know if I am wasting my time, and money (as it wasn't cheap). Please reply if you have had any experience with the pads or heard anything about them.


Answer #1

Do you have a six pack? If so, then I think you made a good investment. What results have you had with this, if I may ask?

Answer #2

No way man. Those things might work, but not as good as your workout. Your brain sends electrical impulses through nerves to your muscle to make them contract. This sends electricity too, but it sends small amounts in places you don't want it to go like your brain. I wouldn't use these things if I was you. Just do your workout, because you could damage your nerves.

Answer #3

They do work. A study in my university that I took part in found that there are positive effects on the abdominals, but sit ups and crunches, etc. proved more effective. However, if you're using them as well as crunches, etc., that's O.K. But don't overtrain.

Answer #4

Not really. The electrical current generated is not adequate to provide a proper depolarization of the nerves supplying the stomach muscles. You are better off exercising if you can.

Answer #5

I purchased an EMS machine awhile ago, and have excellent progress with it. To get the most out of them though, it is best if you supplement them into your workout. For example, 45 min before or 30-45 min after you workout. If you do it before, you can pre-work your muscles. If used after, you can work your muscles to a point were it would have been impossible to do physically, which is what I like to do. It works and I can vouch for them, but try it for yourself to find out.

Answer #6

All I have to say is Bruce Lee used it, and if you can get better than Bruce Lee's physique, then you don't have to use it. But one thing is for's not gonna substitute for your work out. You need to be in top condition to use the machine to see better results.

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