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Training Question: I'm 15 And I'm Wondering If Weight Lifting Could Stunt My Growth.

I am 15 years old and 5'8" about 130 lbs. I just started to work out with weights and I was wondering if it does stunt my growth and if there is any way of working out with weights that will not stunt your growth. Maybe less weight or something. And what is a good pill or drink to take that will increase my muscle mass, make me look stronger or just help the bodybuilding process?


Answer #1

I'm 15 and have been lifting weights for a while now and don't see any danger in lifting. As long as you don't become huge, I think you will be OK. As far as a drink you could take, I recommend some kind of protein powder mix for the rebuilding and repair of muscles.

Answer #2

I am now 17 and have been lifting weights since I was 15. When I first started, I took weight gainer protein powder but stopped using because it gave me two many pimples and made me fatty. Two years later I have grown 1 foot taller and I am substantially bigger. Benching almost doubled my body weight.

Answer #3

Weightlifting stunting your growth is a load of crap. In fact, it promotes strong bones and muscles. If I were you I wouldn't worry about weightlifting. But if you start using products, then make sure you do your homework. Some products can stunt your growth.

Answer #4

They say that weight lifting makes you reach your max height quicker. that is true, however, that height could be less than what it would be without the weights. It is definitely to your advantage to stay active now and wait until you are at least old enough to go to a real gym. When you have a job and wheels, you know you can lift. That's the time to start, so you can actually build muscle to work with and not "stunt" your growth. Trust me, I'm now 6'5" and 230, pure muscle. I waited until I was 17 and am sure glad I did. Now I'm 19 and strong as an ox. Good luck.

Answer #5

I am now 16 and have been lifting for a year, since I was 15. I am still gaining weight and getting taller. It has helped me tremendously. I weighed 110 when I started and I am already at 145. That is without supplements. You do not need them. My friend used them for about a month and he started coughing up blood. They do not help much at all.

Answer #6

Hi. I've been lifting since the age of 12 and a half, and I'm 16 now. I have no reason to believe that weightlifting stunts your growth. A friend of mine told me that his doctor said weightlifting can only stunt teens with weak bones growth. I don't know if this is true or not, but this is what he told me. I'm 5'8" and a half inches and 180 pounds. I also have a very low percentage of body fat. I'm using a supplement called "creatine."You'll hear a lot of sh-- about creatine, but most people don't know what they're talking about. Creatine does work to build muscle. I was on the "creatine powder" for 5 months straight and gained 20 pounds of muscle on my upper body and 5 on my legs. I got stretch marks near my armpits because my arms grew from 14 inches to about 16 inches in less then 5 months. I'm now on "creatine serum," which is believed to be better and safer then the creatine powder.

Answer #7

Hi. Weight lifting won't necessarily stunt your growth, but it is essential that you are very careful as your ligaments and tendons are still attaching themselves to your bones. I am fifteen and have made the mistake of lifting too heavy weights before I should have. My advice is to wait until you are fully grown and developed and then go for it. If you don't want to do that, then keep your weights at a low poundage and go for high reps. This way you will tone your body and put on a little extra weight. Good luck.

Answer #8

I am 15 years old also, and I've been weight training since I was 13 years old. I don't see anything wrong with my growth. I am taking Myoplex protein supplements and not lifting too much. Now I am 5'11" and still showing signs of growth. I weigh 196 pounds with only 7% body fat. I feel great and I haven't been sick or ill since I started working out.

Answer #9

I am 15 and have been lifting since I was 11. I am 5'11 and 235 pounds. Weight lifting won't stunt your growth. I'm a living example. LIFT HARD. Peace.

Answer #10

Hey! I'm a 15 year world record-holding power lifter. Weight lifting DOES NOT stunt your growth. My mom is 4' 10", my dad is 5' 7", and I'm 6' 2" (15 years old). Good luck with weight lifting. Go with creatine and whey protein.

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