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Training Question: What Is A Good Way For A 15 Year Old Female To Build Muscles For Swimming And Soccer?

I'm a 15 year old female. 5'9" About 125 to 130 lbs. I'm currently in soccer, but my main sport is swimming and I'll be a lifeguard this summer. I want to gain a lot of muscles for upper and lower body. I'm new to the weight room and I am in ours at school for 90 minutes 5 days a week then I have soccer practice for 2 hours 5 days a week. I'd like a workout that'd fit me. I also don't eat healthy. Not sure of what to eat while I'm doing all of this exercise? If anyone has suggestions please share with me.


Answer #1

I believe these principles will help anybody of any age become faster and stronger in the water. I swam in college and have been involved in a Masters Swimming program for over 10 years.

First, take the time to stretch at least 20 minutes before you swim or lift weights. Find a good book with photos or clear illustrations and explanations of the stretches. Use light weights and time yourself rather than count the reps that you do. For example, put 20 lbs. on the lat pull down machine. Look at the clock on the wall or at your wristwatch and begin doing reps. Do the reps for 30 seconds. Stop and rest for 30 seconds, then begin again, repeating 3x. Do not try to go to fast. Use a smooth, full range of motion, keeping the bar in control as you pull down and let it back up. Essentially, you lift for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. Increase or decrease the amount of weight according to what gives you a burn at the end of 30 seconds while still allowing you to be in control. Apply this idea to any of the major muscle group routines.

My personal workout takes about 90 minutes, and I do it in a gym early in the morning when there is a certain amount of freedom to move about the stations. You don't want to be sitting or standing around waiting to lift. It takes some discipline, but the results are well worth it. Try to do this 3 times a week, preferably right before you get in the pool. Stretch before and after. You really cannot stretch too much. Good luck and swim hard!


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