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Training Question: What Is A Good Routine To Quicken My Feet And Strengthen My Arm For Baseball?

I am a 16 year old catcher and I want to know a good workout routine to quicken my feet and strenghthen my throwing arm and increase my power.

Answer #1

For quick feet you can do box jumps, cone jumps and skip rope. Not much weight training will get the results you're looking for. Simple plyometrics work the best. To strengthen your legs--squats 4/8-12, lunges 4/10, leg extensions 4/12/15. Running also helps condition the legs. Do the cone jumps and box jumps 3 days a week. Start with 4 or five cones back and forth is one. Do five. Your arm needs specialized routines. You can search the web for rotator cuff exercises and workout plans.

Answer #2

I agree with Answer #1 about the leg workouts. Now, for the arm you need to lift with your triceps but the only thing you can really do is long toss. It is the best thing you can do for arm strength. Trust me, this is coming from years of experience.

Answer #3

Get on a treadmill, quickly turn from front to side to back to side, mixing it up. Take a slow pace at first until you get accustomed to it. I've worked up to speed 6 and it's improved my athleticism noticeably.


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