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Consumer Review: The Bowflex Machine Is Terrible For Working Your Arms If You're Tall.

I'm 6'2" 175 lbs and have skinny arms. I used to be 6'1 and weigh 140lbs so imagine how skinny they were then. They're very long so its hard to get them really bulky. I have a Bowflex and I don't think its targeting my arms enough particularly forearms and biceps. I think the Bowflex is good for the chest but the bicep exercises on the Bowflex suck if you're really tall because the distance to the cables is a lot farther than if you were shorter. I drink tons of weight gainer shakes too. I also don't have the cash to spend on dumbbells and I'm also 18. Thanks.

Response #1

You're still young and your body will continue to change. Don't push too hard! As far as not being able to afford weights...use something else that you have around the house. I know if may sound silly but fill up milk jugs with water, tie them to the ends of a stick and do curls ! If that's not heavy enough then pour a little cement in them at different levels until you find a weight that works for you. Take care! Good Luck!

Response #2

How is the Bowflex machine? Is it worth all that money?

Response #3

Not sure which Bowflex model you have, but I have the XTL which has a squat attachment. You can use this bar for curls and should be able to lengthen out the chains to accommodate any person. If you don't have this attachment, try buying some chain links and clips like the ones that connect to your handles on the machine. You should be able to adapt it to what everlength you need. Hope this helps.

Response #4

Hey man, I don't think the Bowflex is going to give you the results you're looking for. I've been training since 1991 and it took a solid year of hardcore training to see size increases. I think the Bowflex is good for the average person looking to improve their lifestyle, not to build huge slabs of beef. It's also good for rehabbing an injury (the reason I purchased one).

If you're looking to increase your arm size, don't be fooled. You need to hit the gym or your gains will be minimal, if any at all. By the way, those weight gainers are exactly what they're called, weight gainers, not lean muscle builders. Don't neglect food, it's the best supplement out there.

Response #5

I have been using a Bowflex for just about 12 weeks now, and have made good improvement all over. I am also 6' 2" and find no problem with the curls, although you may have longer arms. I wear a 35" sleeve. The seated curls may be better for you, but the reverse forearm curls should work standing. I gained 1.5" on upper arms, 1" on forearms, chest is the same size, but more muscle, less fat. Lost 3 inches on waist and toned up abs and legs.

I got the Bowflex because of a back injury, so I can't life more than 20 pounds. The trick to gains is NOT to use the Bowflex routines! They are designed for toning and aerobic gains mainly. I follow the Body for Life routines, which are much better. Either get the book by Bill Phillips, or their Mag "Muscle Media." You won't be disappointed. I don't use the supplements they sell, as I'm not trying to bulk up. Rather, I'm trying to lose weight and strengthen my back.

My strength (as measured by the resistance I can manage) has more than doubled. Example: I started 12 weeks ago with 80lbs bench press, now it is 180. Rowing was 50, now is 140, etc. I also use the aerobic rowing every other day (light weight) with Monday Wednesday and Friday for 45 minute workouts and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for 20 minute aerobics.

Response #6

Bowflex isn't meant to build big, bulky, beefy muscle. Its main intent is to build toned and lean muscle. If you want big muscles, you need to powerlift. You can't do max lifting with BowFlex, but overall, it is an excellent machine.

Response #7

I have been using a BowFlex for 6 months now. I've gained 5 pounds of mass and increased my bench by 170lbs. Equipment only works as good as your routine.

Response #8

I just bought a Bowflex and I love it. I agree with the other guy's response. I am 6'4". You just need to get creative with the chains and connectors to accommodate your larger frame. I also don't agree with the bulking up issues. Tension is tension, be it from free weights or bows. Just depends on how you use it. I also think the Bowflex machine is much safer than using weights.

Response #9

Hey, 6' 2" & 175 lbs? That weight at 18 is pretty good. Look around you, you outweigh most of your peers. I was the same height and weighed 135 lbs. The summer before college, I put on 35 lbs by working out and eating smart: 5 - 7 balanced meals a day, vitamins and egg white protein powder. Remember, adaptation of your grip (forward, backward, sides, close, wide) will work out different parts of your arms. At the age of 21, I was 6' 5" and 220. Keep up the good work and good things will happen!

Response #10

Bowflex works. I went from chest 35" to 43" (relaxed and un-pumped) in 8 weeks without supplements. I work hard, for 50 minutes 4 days a week (split body program). Tension is tension, protein is protein, etc. Science and logic tells you that. That is why natural foods work and that is why Bowflex works. The question is do you work?

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