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Question: Most USANA Testimonials Are The Result Of The Nearly Religious Fervor Of Network Marketing. Where Can I Find Some Independent Research?

Is there any independent research which indicates that Usana essentials products are any better than any other multivitamin? Mostly all I see are testimonials from Usana users. Given the nearly religious fervor with which network marketing instills in its advocates, I find these testimonials to be rather suspect. There are a lot of claims made in these testimonials for Usana which border upon recommendations of the product for medical treatment as well. Can anyone name a reputable, independent, peer-reviewed, double-blind study which compares Usana head-to-head with other reputable Vitamin companies? The cost for Usana products is at least twice that of most other multi-vitamins. It costs over $40 for a one month supply. Show us some proof that the cost is justified. Not interested in theories, just measurable results and differences.

Answer #1

There is a book, called "Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements" by MacWilliam Communications Inc., which is intended to assist in sorting through the maze of nutritional supplements available in the marketplace today. It is not a product endorsement, nor does it make any health claim other than to document recent findings in the scientific literature. This comparison was not commissioned.

You may order the book directly from the author, Lyle MacWilliam. In his comparisons, Mr. MacWilliam chose USANA as the benchmark standard.

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