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Consumer Review: After Taking USANA Products For 6 Years, I Believe They're The Best Supplements Available.

I have been using nutritional supplements for over 20 years. Due to some severe health problems that the medical community could not solve, I was forced to educate myself on diet and nutrition. Through changes in my diet and by taking supplements, I was able to get these issues under control. While doing my own research, I found that there are basically 3 levels of nutritional supplements. Now, since I'm not a scientist, I'm not going to use technical terms, but rather those that could be understood by everyone.

The first level is what I call junk. This is what you would buy at the grocery or drug store (also in the big warehouse stores). You know what I mean, the one's that have everything from A to Zinc. Also, those where you get 5,000 tablets for $10. These products use low grade/inexpensive nutrients, low-end manufacturing processes, and do not take into effect the synergy (how they work together or compete against each other) of nutrients. They also typically do not do any type of testing for purity and potency, so you really don't know what you are getting.

The second level is what I call pharmaceutical-grade. These are much higher quality products that use high-grade nutrients, pharmaceutical-level manufacturing, and typically do some testing for purity and potency. These are the products you will find in health food stores and form legitimate network marketing companies. With these products you will pay substantially more than for the junk products, but you will be at least getting your money's worth.

There were really only 2 levels of supplements until I encountered USANA in 1994. I spent 3 months researching and testing the products (through personal use and with family members). I was amazed at the results compared to the other products I had used. USANA is the only company I have encountered that develops their products based on cell-culture technology. This is the study of human cells in culture to determine exactly what nutrient mix, delivered at what time of day, will keep the cells optimally healthy under all types of conditions. The USANA products contain the highest grade nutrients available and are manufactured in an FDA approved pharmaceutical-grade facility using Good Manufacturing Practices (required in the pharmaceutical industry, but not the supplement industry). The raw nutrients are tested for purity and potency when they arrive at the USANA facility and are rejected if they don't meet USANA's stringent requirements. Once the product has been through the manufacturing process, they are again tested for purity and potency. Once again, if they don't meet the requirements, they are rejected. The tablets are also checked for dissolution (how they dissolve in the stomach) to make sure that they dissolve properly.

I have personally used the USANA products now for 6 years and can testify to their quality and effectiveness. No other nutritional supplement has controlled my health issues like USANA. I highly recommend them to anyone with health issues or who would like to live a long, healthy life.

Rod N.

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