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Consumer Review: I Won The Young Heisman Trophy, But Colleges Won't Give Me Scholarships Because They Say I Am Too Small.

I have been playing football since the 4th grade and I am a senior now. I do not want to seem conceded, but I am a very talented football player. I received the young Heisman award and led the GMVC (Greater Miami Vally Conference) in rushing and touchdowns many times. However, as the years have gone on, my teammates have continued to grow bigger and stronger, but I remain small. I'm not a midget or anorexic but I'm not big enough anymore.

The coach is continually harassing me to lift more and eat more, but it seems like no matter how much I eat I can't put on any size. So, I turned to weight gainers and creatine. It did help a little, but a very minute amount maybe a few pounds. I have already been turned down for scholarships because I'm too small and they all say "if you put on some size, give us a call". Do you know how degrading it is being turned down because of your size and they just totally overlook my skills because of it.

Response #1

I was also in your position a year ago. I was undersized so I supplemented with creatine and other supplements. I blew up as well as increased my forty time and now as a freshman I am getting rotated in the defensive secondary at Fresno State.

Response #2

Well, I was also a smaller athlete in high school, so I understand what you are going through. By my senior year in football I was only 5-10 165. I started a weight program from B.F.S. magazine and supplemented with Prolab's Creatine Monohydrate and Pinnacle's Adrosta. In one month I gained about 20 pounds of muscle, increased my forty time to a 4'4. I am currently playing at Cal. So I would recommend a definite supplementation to fulfill your college goal in football.

Response #3

Hi, I also was undersized in high school, especially for a lineman. I was 5'11 230 lbs. I ended up going to a NAIA school, and I have seen a lot of undersized kids go to a junior college for a couple of years to bulk up and get attention from bigger schools. Just keeping working hard.

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