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Do You Think I Could Be 175 By Mid August If I Lift Everyday And Take 1 Serving Of Victory Mass 1000?

Hi my name is Howard. I read the letter on the secret to gaining weight as a teen. I am 16, 6' 2", and I weight around 160, I am cut but I want to get bulkier by mid August. Do you think I could be 175 by mid August if lift everyday and take 1 serving of Victory Mass 1000? I also wanted to know if I should take 1 or 2 servings per day, since it is hard for me to gain weight.

Answer #1

Gaining 15 pounds is not an impossible task. However, when you say lifting everyday, that is insane. Especially if you do the same thing every day. Pro athletes only workout 4 or 5 days a week. You need to let your body rest at least two or three days before lifting the same body part again. Also, make sure you get in enough protein. As far as Victory Gain, I've never heard of it so I can't help there.

Answer #2

First, if you lift everyday you will not grow at all. Your body needs time to recover from workouts. If you lift every day you will overtrain and may possibly get weaker. Don't listen to this more is better crap you hear in the gym and weight lifting magazines.

The best gains of my life came when I adopted a HIT (high intensity training) philosophy. I worked out once every 3 days using a full body workout. I did no more than 1 set per exercise. I did two exercises for large muscle groups and 1 for the smaller muscle groups. I worked each set to momentary muscular failure. In 3 months I increased my bench from 235lbs.x 7 reps to 290lbs.x 5 reps.

I've used the volume type workouts for years with very little results. Why ? Because they're sxxt. As far as the weight gainer goes I'd toss it . If you want a good supplement try Creatine. I've used it with good results. But no supplement can make up for poor nutrition and bad training programs. If you want good training advise get Heavy Duty by Mike Mentzer.

Response #1 to Answer #2

The last person said to get training advice from Mike Mentzer, that's bullsh––. I wouldn't try his training program if someone paid me. One set to failure training is for lazy asses.

As for the weight gainer, take at least one a day. You'll probably need 2, plus 4 other meals a day.

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