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Consumer Review: Twinlab's Mass Fuel Gave Me More Energy But Kept Me Running To The Bathroom.

I have been supplementing Twinlab's Mass Fuel about 30 minutes after my morning workout. So far I haven't noticed any significant increase in muscle, but I do have more energy during the day. I am currently 6' 185 lbs. I am not looking for the "ripped" physique, instead I hope to achieve better muscle tone with about 5-10 pounds of additional muscle gain.

I have been mixing the Mass Fuel powder with skim milk and have experienced severe rumbling in my stomach and an increase in the product of gas about 2-3 hours after taking the supplement. I am considering discontinuing its use since I have to stay near a toilet until the rumbling quits.

Response #1

Hi there buddy...the problem may not be the Mass Fuel, but instead your intolerance to large quantities of lactose. I know it may taste like crap, but try mixing the powder with water.

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