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Training Routine: The Only Way To Build Mass Is To Lift Heavy. This Routine Will Show You How.

You can use any supplement you want to try and gain an initial advantage, however there is only one way to get big and that is to lift heavy, heavy, heavy. I used to weigh 145lbs and I worked out like a crazy person. I'm talking 6 days a week. Everything ranging from pyramiding, high reps, low and high reps, and even 100's. Nothing worked. If I stayed motivated, I would gain maybe 15lbs. But my routine was so intense, I would get bouts of gym phobia.

HERE'S HOW YOU BUILD MASS: 3-4 exercises per body part, 5-7 reps once every 5 days. For example, chest on Monday (bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press, incline fly's). The next time you work your chest would be Saturday. But now to shock your muscle, your work out would change to dumbbell bench press, dumbbell incline press, dumbbell decline press, and finish off with cable fly's. Then, the next time you work out your chest will be Thursday. This time, you will use the Smith Klein machines for regular, incline, and decline press. The next time you work out your chest will be Tuesday. And it's back to bench press, incline press and decline using the bar.

The point is that now my bench has gone up 5-10 pounds. Every time I cycle, I go up. Sometimes it's only 5 pounds, but if you can increase your bench by 5 pounds every 2 to 2 1/2 weeks, you do the math. Obviously, in the beginning your bench will jump 10-15-20 pounds. If you do this for all body parts and go heavy, you will see the results. Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water and eat right. After that, I don't care what kind of supplement you use, it will work. Oh yeah, I weigh 210lbs, 6 months later. This is a routine I developed. I didn't read it anywhere or have someone tell me about it.

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