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Training Routine: I'm A High School Wrestler, And This Routine Seems To Work Best For The Upper Weight Classes.

Wrestling includes a lot of pulling to control your opponent, so I divided my workout into a 4 day cycle: push, pull, legs and rest. This way you get at least three days of rest in between each group. It is best to use free weights because you have to use more of your support muscles just to control the weight, meaning you will get much stronger using free weights instead of a machine.

Every exercise is three sets in which you build to about 90% of max on the final set. Increase the weight by ten pounds every set, so that on the third set you really have to push it. I usually do 12-10-8 for about a week or two, but add in an extra rep every now and then. When I can do 12 reps of the weight on my second rep, I make that weight my starting weight on the next day that I work that group. You will eventually even off though. When I get there I'll decide what to do.

Here's an example of what I lifted this week...


bench standing bent over rows squats
12x180-10x190-8x200 12x50-10x60-8x70(per arm) 12x250-10x260-8x270
incline kneeling single arm rows lunges
same same 12x70-12x80-12x90 (per arm)
decline upright rows toe raises
12x150-... ez bar 12x100... straight bar 12x350...
shoulder press shrugs cardio+abs
12x60 (per arm)... 12x80 (per arm)... 1.5 hours
lateral raises reverse curl
12x45... straight bar 12x90...
french press ez curl
12x110... 12x100
kick backs

This is the program that I have been following for about 2 years. I went from 225 to 170, and now I dominate. When you start off, don't go too heavy. Find out what your own limits are, and train with intensity.

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