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Training Routine: Many Bodybuilders Hate Doing Legs, But They're Critical For Overall Gains, So Try This.

I know how many of you out there hate doing legs. I myself used to despise it. But the medically proven fact is that working out your legs is essential to reap maximum gains from your workouts. It's because your muscle groups in your legs are some of the largest muscles in the body (depending on what you work out - some people I know have bigger Pecs than quadriceps!). When you work out your legs, your body releases testosterone to other muscle groups, therefore allowing you to grow everywhere.

A friend of mine who is 6'0 and training naturally using creatine and eating really well reached a plateau at 90kg that he could not pass. He never worked legs because he found it painful with sore knees. And really, when you walk in the gym and have the option of squats or bench, what are you going to choose? So I suggested a breaking the legs up, at least to begin with.

When I first decided I wanted to incorporate legs into my heavy schedule I was worried about sacrificing the time that I spent working other more visible groups. So here's how I started.

Although I tend to isolate muscle groups more intensely now, this is a good way to incorporate legs into a workout. I used to use a 4 day training cycle.

Day 1. Chest, triceps, calves.
Day 2. Shoulders, quadriceps.
Day 3. Back, biceps, hamstring.
Day 4. Rest.

Now, I'm not saying this is a perfect training routine, far from it, but it is a good way to learn to incorporate legs into your workout. After doing this for a short period of time you will begin to enjoy doing legs. When this happens, you may want to break your workout down to allow more time on specific muscle groups. The point of my little tip is that my friend, who had reached a plateau at 90kg, started training like this. He reached 100kg naturally and broke that plateau almost immediately after starting legs. He gained size all over and now he is 115kg, though this second gain was achieved through the help of a little friend called Sustanon 250.

Eat well and remember to rest. Overtraining is an easy habit to form and people believe this false rumour that by targeting individual muscle groups, you are allowing the other muscles to rest, therefore you can go to the gym everyday. This is a load of crap. When you train, you are still pulling energy from the same reserves, whether you be pressing, or calve raising. Although your actual muscles may heal effectively while you are training other groups, your energy reserves, not to mention interest, continues to decline. You will lose interest and find the gym becoming more and more of a monotonous task. You will become soft and not push till complete exhaustion on that final set. You will give up far to easily when you should be going hard. Have a day off every now and then to restore your energy and interest. I recommend training 4 days, resting 1. And every now and then when you feel like you are in a rut, and have reached a plateau, have 5 days off. You will come back to gym a new person ready to get f–––ing HUGE!!!

Response #1

I agree with the leg workouts (they are a must). I have always been involved with some form of training or another, but I have found weight training to be the most satisfying. When I was 28 years old, I got started working the weights, but I did it 7 days a week, up to 2 hours daily without working my legs.

Guess what happened about 8 months into this routine? Burn out, immune deficiency, sickness, I quit!!!

Now I am 44 and have a desk job, very little activity. So, once again I am lifting weights this time. I am concentrating on legs on my first day after rest. I have enjoyed good gains, and now realize the importance of a good leg workout. I am not over training, but enjoying myself and looking forward to working out.

If someone were to ask me what is the best advice I could give, I would have to say you need what you don't have until you are about 40 years old (PATIENCE ) and a good leg routine, mixing it up to keep your legs as well as other body parts in suspense, wondering what you are going to incorporate into the workout next. Thanks for all the help.

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