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Training Routine: This Is A Killer Full-Body Workout That Has Given Me Great Abs.

This is what I do about everyday. It's a killer, but it works. I have awesome abs and 5.8% body fat. On top of this workout, I take a kickboxing class and an abs class every Tuesday and Thursday. I do take days off, just not many. This is pretty much a full body workout and it takes me 3-3 1/2 hours to do.

Day 1

5-10 minutes of cardio
3 sets of 10 bicep curls
3 sets of 10 of cable crossovers
3 sets of of tricep extensions
3 sets of dips and pull-ups
3 sets of of bench
3 sets of of squats
3 sets of shoulder shrugs
3 sets of lat pull-downs
3 sets of peck deck
3 sets of leg extensions
3 sets of 25 hip abductions
3 sets of hip adductions
6 sets of 50 calf raises
3 sets of 10 of side bends (obliques)
200 push-ups
I do anywhere from 1400-2500 of various abdominal exercises everyday

Day 2
do biceps same as day 1
do triceps same as day 1
cable crossovers same as day 1
dips and pull-ups same as day 1
cardio same as day 1
3 sets of 10 at seated squats
bench same as day 1
3 sets of 10 of seated leg press
3 sets of 10 of military
3 sets of 10 of back extensions
3 sets of 10 of leg curls (hamstrings)
calf raises same as day 1
200 push ups
Work the abs 1400-2500 again

Response #1

Sounds like this guy is gonna have more problems than me. I actually came to this site for advice about training my abs and to find out if I'm over training my lower back. But when you look at this workout, I seem to be under training. Somebody should tell this guy that when he takes a day off from his over training, his muscles are gonna shrink down to nothing. That's probably why he has 5% body fat.

Response #2

This guy is totally insane! This is going overkill on your muscles! This routine is NOT good, and I recommend you all not do it. Your muscles will shrink rather than grow. Remember, a workout should last no longer than 45 minutes to an hour. Remember, the keyword is INTENSITY not quantity.

Response #3

You talk about over training. Doing this kind of workout everyday would drive anyone insane. Who would look forward to a workout like this that wastes 3 to 3 1/2 hours a day. I train 3 days a week with one day in between my workouts. I only spend about 5 hours a week in the gym and I have put on 22 lbs. of muscle and have 6.2% body fat in only 10 weeks. It is scientifically proven that muscles grow AT REST. With no rest in this crazy workout, how can you have optimal muscle growth? Doing this kind of workout every day can cause serious effects on joints, muscles, and bones. Try cutting your workout in half and resting more often.

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