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Question: Is Taking ZMA A Good Way To Boost Testosterone And Increase Lean Body Mass?

I would really like to try some kind of supplement to boost my testosterone. I've read a lot about ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate), but I haven't heard any testimonials about it yet. Has anyone tried it and noticed an increase in lean body mass?

Answer #1

Recently, I decided to try ZMA. After four weeks of using Cytodyne's ZMASS PM (the most potent on the market), I noticed a tremendous increase in both my strength and endurance levels. On bench presses alone, I increased my weight for an 8 rep set by 35 pounds and on squats a 60 pound increase for an 8 rep set. ZMA definitely gives you increased strength, which will in turn help you add the mass that you desire. Another added advantage is the endurance boost. I run 3-5 times a week for 3-6 miles at a time, and I have noticed a great increase in my aerobic capacity. Before taking ZMA, I was winded before my legs tired out. But now, I can easily run at a much faster pace without becoming aerobically fatigued.

The only drawback to ZMA has been my difficulty sleeping throughout the night...but that is how I know it is actually working and raising testosterone levels and IGF-1. Apparently, a boost in hormone levels interrupts a typical sleep pattern. But this isn't bad, considering that when I do wake up, it is never difficult to go back to sleep. Talk to anyone who is experiencing a change in their hormone levels (someone who is pregnant for instance), and they will all say the same thing...they wake up more often than they are accustomed to.

I strongly believe ZMA works. This is the only product I recommend you spend your money on, with the exception of a good whey protein Isolate. ZMA and a high quality protein supplement combined with a sensible workout routine will give you the physique formation you are looking for.

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