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Consumer Review: My Strength And Muscle Gains From ZMA Have Been So Awesome That My Gym Almost Doesn't Have Enough Weights To Keep Me Busy.


I am a bodybuilder, 6'1 230lbs, 20 years old, 18 inch arms, and have been bodybuilding for approximately five years. I have an extensive knowledge on supplements, personally trying a wide variety. Among the most amazing supplements I have ever used are Cell-Tech by MuscleTech, and Hydroxycut by the same company. ProLab products are also very good. About a month ago, I decided to give ZMA from TwinLab a shot, not knowing too much about it other than the clinical research I read regarding the product. I ordered the stuff and followed the directions on the bottle, not knowing what to expect.

For the first couple of nights, I could not sleep...but I knew this was due to a change in my hormonal balance. After taking two weeks off the gym and being on this stuff for three days, I returned to the gym to work out. Having been away for the Christmas holidays, I expected my strength to be down. NOT SO!

I am currently using Cell-Tech and ZMA together. My previous weight on the calf raise machine was 180, now I'm up to 250, and the scary thing is, it's not difficult! The gym I go to is going to run out of weights if gains in strength keep up like this! What's more, due to the increase levels of testosterone in my system, I am packing on muscle like never before! I do acknowledge that some of this is due to the break and now my body is in shock, but the gains I am getting are very VERY good....I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to get very strong very fast. This supplement ranks right up there with Cell-Tech and Whey Protein. It is WELL WORTH my worth it in fact that I ordered a 2 month supply and will be sending for more after I'm done what I have now.

If you're serious about muscle, you have to be serious about strength. If you're serious about strength, GET ZMA, you wont be sorry you did!

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