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Chromium Picolinate

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Chromium Picolinate Dosages

Chromium Picolinate And Creatine

Question: Can You Direct Me To A Study On Chromium Picolinate Conducted By An Unbiased Authority?

I have tried searching at the FDA website but I can't find any information about chromium piccolinate. Is there anything published by a non-biased authority like Consumer Reports or anybody else?

Answer #1

The Chromium Information Bureau has a lot of chromium information on their sight, but I think they are merely a front to generate sales for the chromium industry.

Answer #2

I have been taking Chromium Picolinate for one year, along with a low carbohydrate high protein diet, and have lost 75 pounds without exercise. I am 55 years old, and have not felt this good since age 30.

Answer #3

I've read an article that states that when chromium is combined with an organic substance such as picolinate, it allows the substance to enter the cells and cause damage to the chromosomes, possibly leading to an increased risk of cancer, whereas uncombined chromium doesn't. The article was from the New York Times, Oct.25, 1995.

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