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Question: Does Anyone Have Any Information About Muscle-Linc's Effervescent Form Of Creatine?

Does anyone have any information about Muscle-Linc's Effervescent form of Creatine?

Answer #1

Scam! The big secret behind Effervescent Creatine is... you ready for this.... Alka-Seltzer. Look at the ingredients of their "Breakthrough" formula, then get a bottle of creatine powder and a packet of alka-seltzer and see if the descriptions don't match a little too closely. So you pay double the price of normal creatine for some Alka-Seltzer. However, the idea in itself is a pretty promising one. However, I'm going to buy a can of Phosphagen HP and a box of the ol'seltzer and see if I can't get effervescent on my own.

Response #1 To Answer #1

I have to disagree with answer #1 to this particular question. I've tried Muscle-Linc's Effervescent Creatine product and my responsiveness to the product and initial strength increases were at least double that of any creatine/carbohydrate product.

Response #2 To Answer #1

Its is deceptively simple for one to assume this is yet another gimmick intended to part sincere enthusiasts from their hard-earned cash. However, recently, I read an article in, I believe, Ironman Magazine, on Feb 13th (not sure if Jan/Feb or Feb/Mar issue). The article answered the Alka Seltzer concern. I understood it to say that there are many techniques to creating 'effervescence' and therefore, each style can be patented. Muscle-Linc supposedly has a unique method and have patented it. Supposedly, Muscle- Linc's effervescence process does something to affect the PH of the stomach so that the stomach, if empty of food or other drink, is emptied immediately into the small intestine whereby the creatine is instantly absorbed. Their effervescence process also, supposedly, does something to the creatine which makes it more easily absorbed.

I am not an authority. This is only what I read. The article might be of interest to some of you; but, suffice it to say that identical ingredient lists do not necessarily mean identical processing procedures and therefore cannot imply similar results.

Best of luck,

Answer #2

My experience with effervescent creatine has been all positive. It's definitely more absorbable because of the mild, but noticeable reaction I get when taking it on an empty stomach as compared to powdered creatine. It provides great energy during a workout and it's great to not have to take whether you're working out or not. This makes it more affordable. Also, powdered creatine too often leaves an uncomfortable gastric feeling.

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