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Effervescent Creatine

Question: Do You Have Any Information About A Company Called Muscle-Linc?

Do you have any information about a company called Muscle-Linc. (How long have they been around, are they creditable, etc.?) They are promoting a new effervescent form of creatine that is suppose to be 100% absorbable, fast acting and a # of times better than the regular form of creatine. It sounds like this form could be very fast acting and absorbable if it's anything like Alka-Seltzer, but does it contain as much creatine as they say, and what happens to the creatine when it reacts in water?

Many creatine makers suggest that you load on the creatine intake when you first start taking their supplement. After an extended period of taking creatine, is it advisable or discouraged to stop taking creatine for a short period of time and reload when you start the supplementation again?

Answer #1

I have ordered their Cort-Bloc product before. MuscleLinc does seem like they are reputable (although they were really slow in filling a back-order on the Cort-Bloc). They might be affiliated with Ironman Magazine somehow, since Muscle-Linc does a whole lot of advertising in the magazine and some of the editorial articles seem to be linked to some of the ads. As for the effectiveness of the Cort-Bloc, I seemed to have success with it the first time I was on it -- not too sure the second time.

As for their Effervescent Creatine, I actually have it on order, so can't say for sure how that particular product works, although all the promotional literature on the product sounds wonderful.

As for loading, it seems that the common consensus is that you should load for about 6 weeks on and then 2 weeks off (although I have heard people staying on it for longer periods of time before they load off). Initially, I thought the whole loading concept was just a marketing ploy to get people to use more product more quickly -- some people apparently get a boost in power/strength on the loading phase -- I can't ever say that I've noticed a difference when I am loading. And even when I'm taking regular creatine (have taken a number of creatine products -- now using Cell-tech -- I can only say that my gains have been minimal -- which is why I want to try the Effervescent to see if there is a noticeable gain).

As for the Effervescent creatine, you are supposed to re-load, even if you are currently using another creatine product, because if you are on regular creatine, your muscles really aren't saturated with creatine compared to the effervescent creatine.

Answer #2

Hello, my name is Artis. I am 18 years old and have been training for over 2 years. I am currently using the effervescent creatine from Muscle-Linc. I also had questions about the company when deciding whether or not to take it. After seeing promotions specifically dedicated to Muscle-Linc's Brand of Effervescent Creatine in numerous issues of a very prestigious and credible health and fitness magazines, I decided to order a box. No more than two weeks later, I could feel the difference. This is especially impressive because I am a small athlete weighing only about 140 pounds and weightlifters of my size tend to hit a plateau earlier than larger lifters. As for the claim of 100% absorption, I am not qualified to guess on that. However, I do give Muscle-Linc's Effervescent Creatine a high recommendation.

Answer #3

Muscle -Linc is a distribution company off of Ironman Magazine. They are dedicated to top quality supplements to meet bodybuilders' needs. They are somewhat pricey, but the products work. The creatine you talk of is definitely the only effervescent creatine you should use. Here is why:

1) It is the only one clinically proven to work

2) Most of the others are knock offs and have added ingredients which could lead to heart failure.

3) The packing of these needs to be in foil pouches on the inside for protection. Be careful, any add which says that something can be absorbed more than 100 percent is a liar.

I am not affiliated with them. I am a user of the product and have a vast knowledge of sports nutrition . I have corresponded with the reps of the company and they have always been honest


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